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Karndean Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Afloor are the largest online supplier of Karndean Wooden Effect Flooring Tiles.

We provide Karndean flooring to a variety of clients, our range of Karndean Vinyl flooring have been selected to complement our clients’ requirements when choosing the right Karndean Vinyl flooring for their needs.

Karndean flooring is an industry leading product that filled with attractive contemporary flooring designs, Karndean flooring will put a chic finishing touch to any environment, from commercial or residential bathrooms, kitchens and living areas to atriums, contemporary offices and shops or salons. Karndean flooring is an elite product combining beauty and resilience in one, each design and shade is complimented by a heavy duty wear layer ensuring to ensure its longevity in any commercial or residential setting.

Karndean flooring will give a natural and distinctive vibe to your environment, homes and commercial spaces across the UK and Europe are turning to Karndean flooring designs as their choice for luxury, quality and contemporary style.

Afloor offers the most competitive online UK Stockists Karndean, and our Kardean prices are very competative

  • Karndean Da Vinci Flooring
  • Karndean Knight Tile Flooring
  • Karndean Renoir Flooring
  • Karndean Michelangelo Flooring
  • Karndean Van Gough Flooring
  • Karndean Opus Flooring

We are sure that you can find the perfect Karndean Flooring Tiles design for your luxury kitchen or modern bathroom at home, or for a commercial contemporary project somewhere in our extensive Karndean UK stockists collection.